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Toddy blend coffee in pitcher packs for cold brew.

Cupping your cold brew?
If you're not, you should.


Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit

The ideal setup for making comparative sensory analysis easy and efficient

Perform side-by-side sensory analysis with our free Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Protocol, Cupping Form, and additional downloads.

If you're going to brew it cold, cup it cold

In the past, specialty coffee that was ultimately destined to become cold brew was cupped hot to explore its flavor profiles. But the best way to determine how it will taste and integrate with cold brew recipes is to cup it the same way it's brewed .... cold.

Which is why we created the Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit.

The industry's first sensory evaluation solution designed specifically for cold brew, the kit enables side-by-side sample comparisons, controlling other brewing parameters to help you focus on the flavor. When paired with the Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Protocol and Cupping Form, you have a solution that permits cold brew cupping to follow a qualitative protocol similar to that used with traditional cupping.

Putting the Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit to work

Learn more about the benefits of cold brew cupping and watch the Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit simplify the art of comparative sensory analysis.

The time experiment

One of the many advantages of using the Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit is that it truly simplifies comparative sensory analysis. While you can adjust a number of brewing parameters to get your perfect cold brew, this video showcases just one example of how to manipulate steep time to get the flavor you're after.

The cold brew cupping origin story

From identifying an industry need to performing controlled experiments in the Toddy test kitchen, discover where cold brew cupping began.

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